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Gateways – The road to the all IP home

By Carolyn Anderson

This is an update to an earlier post by Brian Cappellani (see below) on addressing the challenges of provisioning devices that are connected via home gateways. Sigma’s Paul Scarff has just launched a new video on this issue. To view the video, visit Sigma’s YouTube Channel.

Brian’s blog:

An interesting article by one of Sigma’s own in both CED Magazine and their website. Paul Scarff writes on gateways, and their impacts on device provisioning systems.

To quote Paul in the article:
But if multi-service home gateways are to become vital to the delivery of bundled services, there are challenges that MSOs must overcome in order to generate new revenue streams using these new devices:

  • Provisioning, managing and troubleshooting home gateway devices is more complex than deploying traditional and individual CPE devices.
  • MSOs will launch a variety of new and more complex types and classes of services, which will require more effective management and provisioning of services – and service levels – to embedded devices in the gateway.
  • The home network demands a multifaceted and integrated approach to IP addressability and management for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
  • As residential gateways mature and more services are added, upgrades to deployed equipment will likely be frequent, making automated software/firmware upgrade management a top priority.

Given all of that, it is clear that the following best practices must be employed by MSOs to ensure the timely and automated rollout of IP residential home gateways:

  • Flexible provisioning strategies for IP addressability
  • Effective upgrade processes for deployed gateway devices
  • Managing device and service-level security
  • Robust and automated troubleshooting.
  • Ability to support gateways is something we added in the last release of DPM, working with both Arris and one of our key customers to roll out this new device to help MSOs on their evolution to next gen video.



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