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Sigma and NDS demonstrate integrations for video provisioning

Sigma Systems just wrapped up our exhibit and demonstration at the CableLabs Winter Conference in Philadelphia, where we did a joint demo with NDS showing some interesting integrations between our products. One particularly interesting use case was where we used their software on an iPad to take a picture of the QR code on the coupon above allowing a customer to view the movie Avatar for free for a limited time from the on-demand library. The NDS platform sent us the notification, and we enabled it for the time limited period using our Video Solution. It was just one of many use cases supported, including provisioning triple play services on a gateway, and authorizing an iPad and a connected TV (actually a blu-ray player running GoogleTV) as IP video clients of the gateway in the home and streaming video to them.Sigma-NDS-demo-CableLabs

This was just one aspect of our demonstrations with NDS. In addition to Sigma’s Device Provisioning Manager and Video Service Entitlements Orchestration, we demonstrated triple-play provisioning via management of a home gateway including WiFi, and the provisioning and management of subscriber migration from traditional CAS to next generation video services.

Next up for Sigma is the TM Forum Management World event in Dublin and The Cable Show in Boston. We’ll provide details on our demonstrations over the following weeks.



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