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This week, Sigma issued an announcement that highlights our growth in 2011. The process of preparing the press release was an enlightening one for me, as it really drove home the level of transformation that Sigma has experienced over the last several years – and that our communication and entertainment service provider customers are driving forward.

Consider that in 2008 – only 4 years ago – large scale business transformation projects were just getting underway. “TV Everywhere” was… well, no-where.  IP Video and Service Provider OTT were distant visions. DOCSIS 3.0 was still being drafted. IPV6 was being planned but still considered a distant problem.

In 2011, the industry and our customers have transformed. Today, FTTH deployments amongst the smallest and largest operators are consuming a large segment of budgets. IP video is a reality in most of the major markets around the world, and operators are rolling out packages that incorporate OTT services to address consumer demand. Smartphone and tablets out-shipped PCs (notebooks and desktops), and are becoming a preferred device for accessing everything from video to data to Internet content.  Connected homes are also a reality, driving an incredible increase in the number of devices that are connecting to the network.

The pace of transformation in our industry is accelerating. According to an Infonetics Research study conducted in early 2011, 63% of IPTV service providers interviewed planned to support multi-screen viewing across PCs, tablets, and smartphones by 2012. Considering these services were next to non-existent just 4 years ago, the fact that by 2012, IPTV and IP Video will be delivered more and more by a new range of devices is astounding.

Each day, I am honored and privileged to be working directly with the world’s leading cable and telecommunications service providers, helping them to transform their network and their services. Only 4 years ago, we could only conceive of the services that they are bringing to market today.

Sigma’s transformation during this time has been just as remarkable. We now have more than 160 million subscriber services under management for our cable and telecommunications customers worldwide.  We have expanded our reach into Latin America and Europe, and added significant resources to support our customers in these areas. We now boast some of the world’s best-known telecommunications and cable services companies in the world as our customers. Our transformation is the result of a lot of hard work by everyone at Sigma, and of the support we have received from our customers and partners along the way.

As we approached the end of 2011, I encourage everyone to look back and prepare a list of your learnings and accomplishments this year. I’m sure you’ll also be amazed.

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